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PP Corrugated Sheets / PP Twin-wall Hollow Profile Sheets

Polypropylene (PP) Corrugated sheets also known as PP Twin Wall Hollow Sheets.

Application of PP (Polypropylene) Sheets
1. Partitioning
2. Custom Made Reusable Box
3. Boxes (ESD Grade) and Packaging
4. Floor Protection Sheet
5. Accessory for Construction Formwork and many more

Standard Size: 1300mm x 2440mm
Thickness: 2mm – 10mm
Grade: General, Antistatic, Conductive and UV Stabilized
Material: Polypropylene (PP) Copolymer
Material Description: Copolymer is a mid density polypropylene. It helps retain its high tensile strength at elevated temperatures. Copolymers provides high levels of corrosion resistance as well as impact resistance against a broad spectrum of reagents, including degreasing agents, organic solvents, and electrolytic solutions.

Surface coating (Optional): UV coated

Other available options
Cutting services available as per client requirements
Various colours available